Whetstone’s design for upgraded residential structures using STRONGHOLD, is affordable while providing the utmost protection to keep buildings in tact and protected from wind borne debris and other weather effects during a hurricane.

STORNGHOLD design specifications focus on enhancement of structural characteristics. The first of these, are the windows and doors, which not only protect against possible wind and rain damage, but also stand up to a major cause of damage during a hurricane: wind borne debris.  Secondly, hurricane ties designed and manufactured for maximum standards are crucial in storm situations.  Finally, the third component of STRONGHOLD includes ZIP SystemTM Roof Sheathing, which when installed properly, is designed to withstand wind driven rain better than traditional felt, even in the loss of the roof covering.  These components, coupled with Whetstone’s upgraded and improved structural design of foundation, walls, roof and other components, make up STRONGHOLD.

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